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Item 8405 - Ethanol Plant 38MGY - ALL ASSETS

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Canton, IL
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ASSETS ONLY for complete Ethanol Plant - capacity 38 MGY (million gallons per year). [The plant cannot stay in place and be run as an ethanol plant. We will sell complete assets as a package but all must be removed. Price EXCLUDES items too big to move, any item listed as scrap, and infrastructure]. Process is corn dry mix fermentation. Plant is a Lurgi design modified by Fagen Engineering; built in 2008-2009. This plant was tested in 2009, but never produced. Idled in 2009 - assets are clean, empty, and shiny. Almost all of the equipment is still there, and this plant can be reconditioned into a full complete operating plant - much cheaper than starting from scratch with a greenfield location. Some equipment has been removed, and is listed in the removed-gone list attached as a link. Complete list of available major equipment is available on request. Virtual data room (VDR) available for many more details. See marketing deck for more details - attached as a link, Price quoted is for listed assets only - does not include removal. We have 4 lists we can send detailing all equipment for sale.