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Item FP314 - Gas Compressor Module Stage 1 & 2

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Toromont White Superior
W72 1750HP
Soperton, GA
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Product Description

Gas Compressor module - 2 stage White Superior reciprocating compressor, 2 cylinder. Rated 300 psig at 300F, 1750HP motor, dampener bottles, and all accessories included on skid. 1st & 2nd stage. Plus 3 heat exchangers, separator vessels, coalescing filters, and more. Last used as SynGas compressor at 14,475 #/hr at 425 MAWP. See asset ID 31-K-120 for compressor description, For a list of all components enter fp314 in search terms box. NOTE: This compressor has now been removed and is in an outsdie laydown yard. . The main photos show the compressor AS IT WAS installed, we have added more showing it de-installed in 2016. We have paid for removal so now price includes loading on your truck.