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Item PK-9140 - HRSG & Coal Combustor System

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Rentch & EPI
Canton, IL
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System designed to generate high pressure steam though a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) process. Includes dry storage for coal and limestone, an EPI coal combustor, Rentech HRSG, economizer, FD and ID fans and stainless steel stack, fly ash handling systems including filter baghouses and silo. Combustor delivers heat with incoming flue gas of 273,700 #/hr at 1700F. And the HRSG delivers 130,000 #/hr superheated steam at 650 psig. Steam can be used for process - in this case, it produced super heated steam for a 4 MW turbine Gen Set (sold separately - see asset PK-9109). The entire system is available, however, we can sell each piece individually. See Simplified Flow Chart in Links for a pictorial of each piece in this system. For a list of all components, enter PK9140 in the search box.