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Item fp100 - Methanol Mixed Alcohols System

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Soperton, GA
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Mixed Alcohols and/or Crude Methanol Production - NOW SELLING individual modules and pieces of equipment. Click the links for listing of all equipment. Partial Plant & System: Fischer-Tropsch process. LIKE NEW - only ran 42 partial days. Surplus to the ongoing operation. Produced Mixed Alcohols. Catalytic Conversion of Organic Alcohols. Designed for 125 TPD woody biomass input, for 5 MGY (million gallons per year) methanol output. Plant was designed to convert biomass gas into organic alcohols using the Fischer-Tropsch Process. It is a pentane based batch azeotrope separation system. The wood yard & gasifier system are not part of this sale. However, most Fischer-Tropsch process equipment and systems downstream are included: Metso feeder system, Quench, Gas Cleanup, Compression (2 sets), Catalytic Converter, Alcohol cooling/compression. Equipment was purchased in 2009 and installed in 2009/2010. Manuals, drawings available. Price includes all structure and instruments, but does not include removal. We can remove and load for you if desired. See flyer for complete arrangement and details.