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Item TS-9150 - Silo & Slurry Tank
Imperial Industries
60-40 12-0 x 63

Integrated powder silo and liquid slurry tank underneath in same structure. Powder Silo size 12 feet diameter x 29 ft. straight side. Powder capacity 3400 cu ft. Max density 40 pcf. Has "live" cone bottom with vibrator feeding into volumetric feeder. Slurry tank below is 5,000 gallon capacity (12 ft dia x 8 ft tall) with top entering agitator and 2 slurry pumps below. Slurry pumps are Lime Slurry Pump (Qty 2) Hydracell S/N 199067 2nd 199068 Model D35XKCTCCECA Oil: 10W30 HYDA 4.5 Qts. Includes baghouse on top. OAH for silo + slurry tank system is 65 ft. - baghouse extends above that approx 10 ft. Last used as lime silo + slurry tank at CoGen. The entire system is available, however, we will sell equipment individually. See Simplified Flow Chart in Links for a pictorial of each piece in this system. Approximate weight 45,000 pounds and shipping dimensions will be a wide/permit load approx 13 ft tall x 13 ft wide x 67 ft long. Baghouse will mostl likely have to travel separately. For a list of all components, enter PK9140 in the search box.

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