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Item 8407 - Hydrogen Gas Plant 83,000 scfh
Howe Baker

Howe Baker hydrogen gas generating plant. Capacity 83,000 scfh (2 million scfd). PSA system with 4 psa columns, Includes reformer, waste gas steam generator boiler, vent gas tank, natural gas compressor, gas train, desulfurizer and shift converters, all heat exchangers, pumps, instruments. SPARES: complete set of psa system valves for reconditioning, brand new downcomer and ring, 13 reformer tubes, ID fan, assorted smaller spares. Controls were Bailey DCS and are not furnished however, the complete ladder logic and Modicon plc's and gas plant I/O cabinet will be made available. The plant had 3 main modules that were housed in building 40 ft x 45 ft - the PSA, reformer, waste boiler, vent gas drum outside. Complete plant footprint approx 90 feet x 72 feet. Built 1992 - was well maintained while operating, now idle. Catalyst and mole sieve has been drummed out and go with the sale. See flyer, General Arrangement, and PFD drawings in links for equipment list.

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