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Item 7421 - Crush Extraction Plant 240 TPD
Bionerg - Argentina

Mechanical extraction plant built to crush soybean. The crush plant was finished in 2008, ran 1,000,000 bushels of soybean in 2009 and was then idled in 2012. It is designed by Bionerg to run 9,000 kg/hr (~240 tons per day) soybeans with 2% impurities maximum. The designed output is 14% degummed oil and 82% high fat soybean meal. Includes a degumming system which produces the oil suitable for biodiesel production. The meal has residual fat of 6-8% which makes it ideal to sell to nearby chicken farms as feed. There is no issue getting beans to run in the plant and the owner states they could easily sell all the meal they made. There are three 125,000 bushel grain bins and one meal bin for storage. The plant also includes a very nice office building, truck scale, meal loadout, GSI vertical grain dryer, oil tank farm (with six 25,000 gallon tanks), oil loadout, all electrical & controls, air compressor, and boiler. There are 3 production lines, each with 2 IMDB EX 1605 extruders and 1 MACOEX PTE 30 press. The programming and the plant are still supported. Ideal to purchase with land to run in place.

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