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Item 6009 - Hydrogen Gas Plant 80,000 scfh
Hydro Chem
80,000 scfh

Hydro Chem hydrogen gas plant. Capacity 1.9 MMSCFD (80,000 scfh or 2100 Nm3/hr). Built 2004, in operation until 2021. Now Idle with nitrogen blanket on gas side. Has 20 tube reformer (tubes 3.75"), 4 PSA units, waste heat export boiler. Plant is in very good condition. Design is SMR type (steam methane reforming). Complete plant including controls, plc HMI, programming, manuals, all "as built" drawings. Includes 4 gaseous storage tanks 11 ft dia x 30 ft tall, 250 psig. See flyer in links for equipment list. More photos and data available in the Virtual Data Room (VDR - ask for invitation).

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