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Item 7258 - Biomass Boiler 1500HP + Room

BIOMASS BOILER. 1500 BHP Hurst Biomass Boiler, 450 PSI, 9750 sq ft of Heating Surface. Model # HYB 9570-450-1, Built in 2009. This is a HYBRID biomass boiler (part firetube & part watertube) designed so well by Hurst Boiler with reciprocating grate. Only used for about 6 years. Complete Steam Plant with a non-condensing type Steam Turbine Generator 1.0 MW (rated at 750 KW) , with Deaerator tank, high pressure boiler feed water pumps, wet ash removal system, controls, fuel feeding conveyors, all fans and standard boiler trim. Also includes an Air Technologies CEMS (continuous emissions monitoring system) and a Fabricated Steel Silo with auger discharge for fuel storage and conveyance. Manufacturer Lists the following Features: "Hybrid" Firetube/Watertube Vessel Design; Watertube Section; Firetube Section with Blast Tubes; Reciprocating Fire Grates; Under Fire Air Fan; Reciprocating Drive; Over Fire Fan/Dampers; Carry-Over Reinjection Blower; 1500HP Fire Door; Ash Clean Out Door; Fuel Metering Bin; Ash Removal Conveyor; Refractory Arch. Includes operating manuals and some drawings. See FLYER in link for more details and a component list. Last used for burning used shredded carpet. The blast tubes prevent fouling from ash on the first pass through fire tubes. We have shipping specs, weights, dimensions on file.

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